From Basque with Love

From Basque with Love

From Basque With Love

It’s hard not to love ‘From Basque with Love’ – and its wonderful, charismatic owner, Susana Corcoba!

Susana, the business woman behind Golden Plains Farmers’ Market stall, From Basque with Love, creates handmade, gourmet couscous, rices and lentils… and they are delicious (not to mention 100% natural, vegan, sourced locally as much as possible and free of E-100s – all the bad stuff).

Having grown up in Basque country, a region bordering Spain and France renowned for traditional cooking imbued with quality produce, Susana’s ready-made meals are all about superior ingredients, naturalness and superb taste. Adding further enhancement to her artisan products, is what she learned from her ‘Ama’ (mother) growing up, who loved preparing fresh food from the local market – in fact, this was what sparked Susana’s obsession and passion for great food.

“I left my home and travelled to Bali and met the love of my life. We now live in Melbourne, raising our two beautiful daughters. As a global citizen I find Melbourne’s gastronomy and multiculturalism a foodie paradise where I can source ingredients from all corners of the world.

I started From Basque with Love with the dream to handcraft delicious, natural, healthy and easy to prepare meals for every pantry. I invite you into my world, where home is my haven, cooking is my meditation and where every stir of the pan infuses food with love. If you’re like me, your heart desires to cook decadent recipes from around the world from scratch, but your schedule tells you otherwise. As a working mum, I know what it’s like to cha cha between fast and slow, tasty and practical, effort and ease. So I strive to make all our meals easy to prepare, in minimal time with maximum zest – because getting a nutritious meal on the table for everyone to share, should leave you with enough time and energy to enjoy a glass of wine and piece of dark chocolate before bed!

I believe we are what we eat. I believe that cooking with the best ingredients, the simplest way is the key to happy lives. I gather the highest quality raw grains, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, mix the tastiest combinations in small batches and package and label them by hand with love. Simply add hot water or stock and your meal is made. The result is flavourful, nutritionally dense cuisine best savoured while sharing the stories of the day, making plans for the next holiday by the sea and feeding the imaginations of the next generation.

You’ll recognise every ingredient on our labelling. Our packaging is minimal, simple, transparent and honest. I don’t like big fancy boxes, unnecessary waste or hiding behind jargon. I’m for simplicity.

Traditionally good food, made with love from our heart in Basque to your table at home.”

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