Marg's Cakes and Cookies

Have your cake and do good too

Marg and Don are the driving force behind long-term Golden Plains Farmers’ Market stallholder, Marg’s Cakes and Cookies. They joined the Market in 2011 and are well-known for their colourful selection of delicious cakes, slices, date and walnut rolls and biscuits.

But here’s the thing: Marg and Don don’t make a cent from any of their home-baked sweet treats – 100% of the proceeds goes towards helping disadvantaged, poverty-stricken girls in India via a Christian organisation called Empart. Working in northern India for over 18 years, Empart aims to transform communities by empowering locals – spiritually, socially and economically.

Marg and Don, married for 60 years, have been on multiple missionary trips to India with Empart, and were so touched by the organisation’s work, they established Marg’s Cakes and Cookies to help support the cause.

They were particularly stirred by the plight of the children in India, especially the girls. Marg said, “We felt moved to sponsor the establishment of a home for some of these girls – somewhere they would be safe, educated and loved.” She went on to say, “These little girls were either orphans or from very under privileged families.”

Marg and Don decided that by attending three markets per month, selling baked goods, farm produce and donated bric-a-brac, they would be able to raise enough money to make a start in supporting Empart.

Marg said, “We now support 14-15 girls and low caste women who have their health, education and all basic needs provided in a safe, loving environment.” She then said, “We empower them and help to change their lives by training them in sewing skills for 6 months, and at graduation, we give them a sewing machine and teach them the skills to start a small business.”

“This enables them to start their own small business and lifts the general standard of living of the family because they can send their children to school, look after their health and create opportunities for their future,” finished Marg.

Marg and Don dedicate so much of their time to Marg’s Cakes and Cookies, although Marg did mention that she does all the baking and that Don is the "gopher" and dish washer. They do the early starts on Market day, and the tedious packs-ups, not to mention all the baking (and dishwashing!) – all so that girls in India are cared for.

Marg said, “We love to come and serve this community.” She went on to say, (Our Presence);“is a win for the customers, a win for the folk benefiting in India and a win for us personally as it is just so rewarding.”

When you make a purchase at the Marg’s Cake and Cookies stall, you are not only getting something yummy to eat, you are giving Marg and Don a reason to smile and helping give little girls and women in poverty hope and a future.

Stop by Marg’s Cakes and Cookies! You won’t only get a delicious treat or two, you’ll feel great afterwards.

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