Real honey vs fake honey—how to tell the difference

Did you know a lot of supermarket honey is not really honey at all?

A number of pests and diseases affecting bees in various parts of the world has resulted in a shortage of honey. The lack of supply has led to the development of cheaper alternatives, which are widely distributed. For consumers, this means there’s a chance many of us have bought golden coloured syrup thinking it was real honey… when it isn’t.

Fake honey


Stallholder of the month: Basalt Plains Produce

Straight from the garden to you—talk about fresh!

Basalt Plains Produce is a micro-food production enterprise based in the small township of Teesdale in Golden Plains Shire.

Polly (a qualified horticulturist) and Antony (a pastry chef) founded BPP so their family could access unsprayed, clean food as much as possible.

When we asked Polly to tell us about BPP, she said, “We cultivate fresh herbs, garlic and stone fruit on our 13-...

Improve your gut health and general wellbeing - try kefir!

Kefir is a milk-based product that tastes similar to a mild yoghurt. Research now shows that it is linked to improved health and wellbeing.

Our health and wellbeing and how they relate to our digestive system are a hot topic of debate. Some scientists claim that our gut bacteria can even affect our mood and state of mental health, our weight and also resistance to infection.

Correspondingly, there is now an abundance of probiotic products available for sale on shelves across the...

Stallholder story: Freshwater Creek Garlic

Established in 2010, Freshwater Creek Garlic is a family-owned farming business based in Freshwater Creek, just out of Geelong. Owners John and Sarah Olliff produce early green, single bulb, bunched and plaited garlic. Their produce is organic, farm-fresh and delicious—so great, in fact, they were awarded ‘Gold’ in the Melbourne Fine Foods Awards in 2016.

Italian Late garlic – versatile and long-lasting

Freshwater Creek Garlic grows the garlic variety Italian...

Stallholder of the Month: Ameet’s Homestyle Curries

Ameet, owner/operator of Ameet's Home Style Curries is originally from the UK, where he started out in computer science.

Luckily for us, Ameet eventually realised his heart was in making authentic Indian sauces!

Ameet's curry treats incorporate authentic Indian flavours and various unique combinations of spices – ginger, onion, tomato puree, bay leaves, cashew nuts, coconut milk, mango, lime leaves, fennel and fenugreek… just to name a few. Not only that, all of Ameet’s sauces...


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