Stallholder of the month: 4Paws Pet Treats

Healthy treats, healthy pets

4Paws Pet Treats owner, Kristan is the creative mind behind a deluxe range of wholesome pet treats—perfect for every devoted pet owner who loves spoiling their pooch!

Kristan was living in Mandurah, Western Australia when the idea to create boutique treats for pets was born. Originally, Kristan simply wanted to make something she could feed to her own dogs, Rex and Rosie (Rex was a rescue dog that would not eat pigs’ ears or mince,...


In this month's newsletter find out about the wonderful Barongarook Pork, learn some amazing facts about food waste and how to reduce yours and find out which stallholders are attending the Market on May 6!

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Find out more about our wonderful stallholders...

Food Waste—how you can make a difference

Approximately one third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted… so what simple steps can families make to waste less and contribute more positively to the environment?

What’s the problem?

In 2011, it was estimated that Australians generate 361 kilograms of food waste annually per person, and in 2013, it was estimated that this waste costs households more than $8 billion each year.

The environmental impacts of this food waste are...

Stallholder of the month: Barongarook Pork

Our appreciation for quality meat tends to grow stronger as the weather gets cooler. Fortunately for market-goers, we offer premium, tasty meats every month—and one of our much-loved meat producers is Barongarook Pork.

Owners, Xavier and Laura’s passion for cooking coupled with their love of farming is the formula which created Barongarook Pork—a pork producer based just outside of Colac. Their original vision hasn’t changed: to produce real pork from pigs raised on open paddocks.


Real honey vs fake honey—how to tell the difference

Did you know a lot of supermarket honey is not really honey at all?

A number of pests and diseases affecting bees in various parts of the world has resulted in a shortage of honey. The lack of supply has led to the development of cheaper alternatives, which are widely distributed. For consumers, this means there’s a chance many of us have bought golden coloured syrup thinking it was real honey… when it isn’t.

Fake honey


Stallholder of the month: Basalt Plains Produce

Straight from the garden to you—talk about fresh!

Basalt Plains Produce is a micro-food production enterprise based in the small township of Teesdale in Golden Plains Shire.

Polly (a qualified horticulturist) and Antony (a pastry chef) founded BPP so their family could access unsprayed, clean food as much as possible.

When we asked Polly to tell us about BPP, she said, “We cultivate fresh herbs, garlic and stone fruit on our 13-...


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