‘Cooks Treat’ yourself!

‘Cooks Treat’ yourself!

Cooks Treat

Renata Oeldrich is the founder and owner of Cooks Treat, a Bannockburn-based business and regular Farmers’ Market stallholder who whips up delicious sauces, rubs, dressings and condiments.

Cooks Treat’s goal is to create great-tasting, home-style food for the family (and trust us, Renata’s take-home accompaniments are indeed delicious!). What is particularly wonderful about the Cooks Treat range, is how it encourages everyday families to get back into home-cooked healthy meals – especially great in this age of fast food.

Cooks Treat products include country style tomato passata sauce, satays, barbecue brews, Mexican sauce, a shiraz paste, a caramelised onion and pear dip and much more. Renata’s array of beautifully packaged foods are easy to introduce in your home cooking and can add a range of flavours, from subtle to strong, to your meal. The diverse product range features flavour-packed goodness and versatile items designed to take the ‘chore’ out of cooking.

The Cooks Treat story

Renata is a Bannockburn local who is committed to pursuing her “foodie dream.”

Renata said, “I have loved and been passionate about cooking since a very young age”.

“When my mum would cook, I would sit and watch her for hours asking questions, learning and wanting to help.”

“When it became time for me to enter the workforce, it was only fitting that I pursued my love of food - so I worked in various food businesses from cafés to wineries, gaining knowledge along the way.”

“I want to share the knowledge I have with others and make good flavoursome products that give people the opportunity to learn that good food does not have to be a chore. I’m all about good food, good flavours,” said Renata.

Renata’s passion and dedication to her dream created Cooks Treat – the business name came about as a part of a ritual that she and her partner shared. Renata said, “When we have a delicious meal together, the cook at the end of the meal gets the ‘cook’s treat’. Whether it be the bone of the rib eye steak or the last bit of the salted caramel in the bottle poured over ice-cream.”

What’s in store for Cooks Treat?

Renata has a clear vision. She said, “In future, I am hoping to open a provedore of my own with all my products available to purchase.”

“My offering would include eat-in breakfast and light tapas style lunches using my condiments and sauces, showing people the versatility and variety of the products,” Renata finished.

We certainly can’t wait to see Renata’s Cooks Treat dream unfold further!


Stop by this great stall on Saturday 2 September and pick up something to transform your home-cooked meals – the easy way.

Buy your fresh produce from the farmers’ market and try these quick and easy recipes for the family using delicious Cooks Treat products.

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