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A recent community survey has shown strong community support for our award-winning Market.

We circulated the Farmers’ Market survey in May to hear what community members, stallholders and market-goers have to say about the service offering of the Market and how it might be improved.

124 community members responded to the survey, which indicated the top reasons for attending include to buy direct from farmers, to buy local, for fresh food shopping, and for social reasons. The majority of respondents also rated the Market highly for how well it supports local businesses and generates local spending. 80% of survey participants would like to see more stalls and a greater variety of stalls, and over 40% would like the inclusion of art and hand-made craft stalls.

It was also great to see that 75% of respondents were Shire residents, 10% were from Geelong and the remainder were from Ballarat, Melbourne and Bellarine/Surf Coast. This reflects the value that the Market brings to Golden Plains Shire and surrounding regions.

80% of respondents claimed there is room for improvement, with most stating that they would like ‘more variety of stalls’ and a ‘greater number of stalls’ and 43% said they would like the inclusion of art and hand-made craft stalls.

The survey results will help shape the strategic direction of the Golden Plains Farmers’ Market over the next five years.

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