JOIN FAIR FOOD WEEK 7 - 16 October 2017

JOIN FAIR FOOD WEEK 7 - 16 October 2017

fair food week

Fair Food Week is an annual 'self-organising' national event that brings people together to create and participate in story-telling, workshops and other events that encourage and promote the production of fair food – that’s fairness in the social, economic and environmental sense.

What’s fairness got to do with food?

Well, lots actually. Farmers are not well paid by major retail chains for the food they grow for us and excessive food imports unfairly disadvantage Australian farmers, farm workers and food processors.

What do we really know about how this imported food was grown and processed, and whether farm and factory workers in other countries enjoyed healthy, good and fair working conditions? How do we take responsibility for not damaging our environment when producing our food? How do we ensure a secure food production future for our children? What about the ethical treatment of animals in our food production methods? How do we create fair access to good, tasty food for people and their children living on low incomes?

These are the big questions that are addressed in the many and varied events that take place in Fair Food Week which is facilitated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) by providing an online platform for the promotion of events.

This year's theme for Fair Food Week is, 'Alternative Foodways’, which is all about expanding the options for growers, sellers and eaters who are working hard to create a Fair Food Future across Australia.

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