Stallholder of the Month: Ameet’s Homestyle Curries

Ameet's Homestyle Curries

Ameet, owner/operator of Ameet's Home Style Curries is originally from the UK, where he started out in computer science.

Luckily for us, Ameet eventually realised his heart was in making authentic Indian sauces!

Ameet's curry treats incorporate authentic Indian flavours and various unique combinations of spices – ginger, onion, tomato puree, bay leaves, cashew nuts, coconut milk, mango, lime leaves, fennel and fenugreek… just to name a few. Not only that, all of Ameet’s sauces are vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, MSG-free and have no thickeners or preservatives. He even has some options free of nuts, garlic and onion to cater for various allergies.

Ameet combines locally sourced products with some imported spices. Vegetables are hand-washed and chopped, brought together in a big pot with spices and cooked to fragrant perfection. The sauces are decanted into jars and pressure-canned by hand at a high temperature to pasteurise and let the jars vacuum-seal when they cool (that's why there are no preservatives needed). The jars are then labelled the next day in their small home kitchen in Balwyn North, so they are fresh and enduring, lasting on the shelf for 12 months.

Ameet is a family man.  Along with his family, especially wife, Binti and mother Sati, Ameet started creating wonderful sauces in mid-2006. He originally sought feedback on what was missing in the wider curry market, and by the end of 2007, he was ready to launch into farmers’ markets! Ameet is committed to product quality, and often hears back from customers with happy testimonials about his products. He is so grateful for all the support he has from Golden Plains Farmers’ Market shoppers.

Come on down to the Market and say hello to Ameet and take one (or more!) of his delicious sauces home for dinner.

Find out more on Ameet’s official website or Facebook.

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