Nothing beats farm-fresh eggs!

Caravan Eggs is based in 'Jaskro Park' in Dundonnell, South West Victoria, and the Golden Plains Farmers' Market is lucky to have them on board. Caravan Eggs are not only delicious, they are also the only eggs sold at our Market.

Founded by the Warner family in 2015 with a dream to produce 'truly free range eggs', Caravan Eggs is now known as a quality egg producer in the region. This progressive business uses a sustainable business model and supplies directly to the customer.

"Our 3000 Hi-Line chickens spend their days grazing on the fertile volcanic soils and have access to both the paddocks and safety of their mobile home 24/7," said the Warners. The 'homes' they refer to are sustainable, providing water from the tanks on board, which collect water from the roof. They are also fully self-automated with solar panels. These mobile homes are designed for chickens and are relocated every three days to keep them on fresh pastures with a 'forever menu' of bugs for the chickens.

The Warners are committed to sustainability and the comfort of their hens. "We maintain sustainable agriculture systems and responsible animal husbandry practices," the Warners said. "We aim to have our chickens as comfortable as physically possible 365 days of the year," they added.

The hens lay their eggs from dawn until mid-afternoon daily and they are protected by two giant fluff ball Maremma dogs, 'Bonnie' and 'Clyde'. The chickens are by nature inquisitive creatures and bond well with Bonnie and Clyde and most other non-threatening visitors to their paddock, including humans.

Attending local farmers' markets, in particular the Golden Plains Farmers' Market, is a highlight for the Caravan Eggs team, who find great satisfaction in delivering the eggs direct to the customer and engaging with customers whilst receiving honest feedback.

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