Devour Chocolate

Sweet, sweet deliciousness

Even though some of you might not be able to even look at chocolate (after a big, delicious Easter), there is no such thing as too much chocolate to the chocolate-lover (and we know there is certainly no shortage of them!).

Golden Plains Farmers’ Market stallholder, Devour chocolate, owned and operated by expert chocolatier Laura van den Bogaard, has been operating since 2013. Laura started off specialising in gourmet chocolate truffles, which were made from the finest European chocolates. Over the years, her decadent range has expanded to include Swiss chocolate brownies, dessert sauces and various other chocolate treasures that look and taste amazing. Devour Chocolate truffles blend fine flavours with satisfying textures, so that with every bite, there is a delicate crunch along with a yummy blast of indulgent flavour (yum!).

Laura, a self-confessed sweet tooth, trained as a chocolatier in both London and Toronto during her inspirational world travels when she was in her 20s. Trained by masters of the trade, Laura has emerged as an expert in the fine art of chocolate-making and the Golden Plains Farmers’ Market is lucky to have her on board.

What makes Devour Chocolate extra special is Laura’s commitment to only using the best couverture chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland and sometimes even France to whip up her mouth-watering creations. “The main difference between good quality couverture chocolate is that it contains a high quantity of cocoa butter. This is an expensive ingredient, and usually replaced with vegetable fats in lower quality chocolates. Cocoa butter is the ingredient that gives you that beautiful shiny finish, and snap/crack when you bite into it. You also get a much stronger flavour profile, and smoother texture in the chocolate,” Laura explained.

Laura is also committed to supporting local small businesses and sources a lot of her ingredients from other boutique market stallholders and artisan producers from the region. Laura loves being able to support small business and make the most of what local producers have to offer in her finely crafted chocolates. She also appreciates the freshness of local ingredients, which adds to the deliciousness of her treats.  

Devour Chocolate products appear at markets and festivals around the region, and even at weddings and corporate events, as well as in thoughtful ‘thank-you’ gift bags and hampers. Laura sells her chocolates wholesale to other businesses too.

 Watch the Devour Chocolate video to find out more.

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