Stallholder of the month: Geelong Landcare Network

Stallholder of the month: Geelong Landcare Network


We think very highly of the Geelong Landcare Network, which has been a regular volunteer-run stallholder at the Market for several years now. Here is why we love these passionate environmentalists and the work they do...

Who are they?

Established in 2003, Geelong Landcare Network is an umbrella organisation for six local Landcare groups, coordinating a broad range of activities to achieve on-ground environmental improvements in the region. The Network spans a wide area west of Geelong, including Anakie, Lara, She Oaks, Shelford, Inverleigh, Barrabool Hills and Batesford.

What do they do?

The Geelong Landcare Network coordinates a variety of valuable activities involving farmers, landholders and others who are trying to improve ecological health and agricultural sustainability at a local and regional scale. Their work includes fencing and protecting waterways, protecting remnant vegetation (including wetlands), revegetation with native species and treatment of invasive weeds and pest animals. We love that the Network does wonderful work in Golden Plains Shire, tackling the Serrated Tussock, assisting landholders to plant shelterbelts, cleaning up the banks of the Moorabool at Maude and tree planting at Lawson’s Reserve in Inverleigh – they do great work!

What is their goal?

The aim of Landcare projects is to create healthy ecological linkages between urban areas, farms and remnant vegetation – and they do this very well.

What makes Landcare tick?

Volunteers do! Geelong Landcare Network’s volunteers do a fantastic job at keeping the local community informed about how they can better look after our land, but they are always in need for new volunteers.

Get involved – become a Landcare volunteer!

If you have a passion for your local environment (and some free time), you should consider volunteering for Landcare. Here’s what you can do to find out more:

  • Visit the Landcare stall at the 3 December Market (tell them how great they are if you do!)
  • Visit the Landcare office in Inverleigh, where you’ll find the Geelong Landcare Network Facilitator, Elissa Ashton-Smith hard at work but happy to chat.
  • Follow them on Facebook
  • Check out their website

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