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Where: Corner Milton & High Street, Bannockburn VIC. Opening Hours: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Parking: Free on-street parking is available around the market site.

Our Stallholders

The following stallholders (listed alphabetically) regularly attend our market.
  • Moorabool Valley Wild Flowers

    John is our resident wildflower expert whose property, in Sutherlands Creek, is blanketed with Australian native plants. Moorabool Valley Wildflowers sell gorgeous bouquets of Banksia flowers, Grevilleas, Callistemon and other beauties.

  • Quincey

    Quincey boasts the production of a sublime sparkling juice crafted with heritage quince varieties grown here in Bannockburn. The quinces add a bright aromatic complexity to the sweetness of Aussie applies. The juice is non-alcoholic, a great alternative to champagne, a refreshing summer picnic addition or a great mixer for cocktails.

  • Roundhouse Coffee Merchant

    We are a new stall concept, bringing our coffee roaster to the market and roasting raw coffee beans. The customer takes home the freshest coffee possible. The end result is truly amazing, creating theater in the market and filling the area with a gorgeous aroma. We roast ten different coffees, giving customers great choice and flavour variation. Fresh is most definitely best.

  • Salami Shack

    Our range includes traditional pork, beef and pork, beef, lamb and rosemary, kangaroo and venison. All meats are sourced from Australian farmers. In the finest of European traditions, our salamis and mettwursts take time to make with blending, fermenting, smoking and curing. Importantly, all our salamis and mettwursts do not contain any 'fillers' or 'extenders', so therefore are gluten free, and can be enjoyed by all. Savour the delicate tastes, slow down and embrace the slow food movement from Europe, right here in Australia.

  • Sharp As

    Sharp As Sharpening provides a sharpening service for homeowners and local businesses. We sharpen Kitchen Cutlery, Hair and dress making scissors, Workshop and garden tools. We offer all market staff a one4free voucher, and if there is a market raffle we donate a 3 for $20 knife sharpening voucher.

  • Sugar and Slice

    Sugar and Slice specialises in Home-made Slices and Sweets. We pride ourselves on quality. Our presentation is amazing, whilst we offer a great selection for a great price.

  • The Flying Bean, Coffee by Mas

    Coffee is my passion. Drawing on my experience and expertise, and using only organic freshly roasted fair-trade beans, every cup I make is a work of art.

  • The Soap Shelf

    Handmade Olive Oil Soap, Goat Milk Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, occasionally Bath Bombs, Emu Oil products and the odd Facemask.Social Media handles:Instagram: @thesoapshelf.auFacebook: The Soap ShelfWebsite:

  • Tie Dye Toni

    Hand Made Colourful, Stylish and Comfortable Tie Dye Toni has a great range of T-shirts, Shorts, Pants and Skirts that will delight your senses.

  • Whimsical Wildflowers

    Whimsical Wildflowers offers a variety of freshly made posies and bouquets for all occasions.